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Roasted Guar Korma

Roasted Guar Karma is an incredible product offering high protein and energy quotient with a balanced amino acid profile

Guar Korma mainly constitutes germ part of Guar seed. Guar Korma is further sterilized and processed by roasting to permanently remove trypsin inhibitor, anti-nutritive factor that limits the use of different leguminous meals in poultry diets. Roasting also indirectly enhances the protein and Amino acids digestibility in the product, which in effect result in increased productivity of livestock and poultry.

Advantages Of Roasted Guar Korma

  • Higher percentage of Crude Protein (CP)( Above 55% O&A)
  • Higher Digestibility Percent(85-90%), due to the removal of anti nutritive factors
  • More desirable and balanced Amino acid Profile
  • Higher Energy content and fat percentage
  • Lower percentage of less digestible Fibre
  • Higher Palatability, complete elimination of characteristic bean odour and taste.
  • Low content of Total Volatile Nitrogen (TVN)
  • Free flowing, uniform fine particle size with good fat and water binding ability
  • 100% non-GMO product.
  • Increased productivity.


Nutrition Factor

Parameters Roasted Guar Korma
Protein % 50-55
Moisture % (Max) 8-10
Fat % 4-6
Fibre % 6-8
Sand Silica % (Max) 2.2
M Energy (KCal / KG) 2500-2900