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Rice Gluten Meal

Benefits Of Rice Gluten

Rice Gluten Meal is the residue (In Dried Form) from Rice after the removal of starch and separation of the bran by the process of employed in the wet milling manufacture of rice starch or syrup. Rice Gluten meal has an above average amino acid profile, vitamins and high protein contents.

It provides livestock with high protein content and is rich in amino acids as compared to soy meal, GNE, Maize etc. Rice gluten is a popular animal feed source and excellent alternate for soy meal which reduces cost production of animal feed by 10 to 20 %. It has high amount of amino acids and proteins and is ideal for livestock having corn and wheat allergies. Rice gluten meal has a higher biological worth than either wheat gluten or corn gluten because of its low cost and great results.

Our rice gluten feed is specially manufactured to live up to the nutritive demands of livestock. It is extremely important for poultry, fish and other livestock to have a protein-rich diet. It helps the cattle develop and increase their ability to fight against various viruses.

Rice gluten meal has a significantly higher biological worth than either wheat gluten or corn gluten. It is a good option for any livestock, poultry or aquatic animals that are allergic to corn or wheat. It can be ideally used as a primary feed, not just because it is hypo-allergenic, but also due to its low slag content.


Nutrition Factor

Parameters Rice Gluten Grade 1 Rice Gluten Grade 2
Protein % 50-55 45-50
Moisture % (Max) 10 10
Fat % 4-8 3-6
Sand Silica % (Max) 2 4
M Energy (KCal / KG) 3200 3000
Pepsin Digestibility 85-90 75-80