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DDGS– Distiller’s Dried Grain Solubles: A by-product of grain based distillery. In alcohol production, starch is fermented to obtain ethyl alcohol. The remaining components of the grain preserve much of the original nutritional value of the grain, including energy. protein, phosphorous. These nutritional components hove conventionally been incorporated into animal feed. The feed is further enriched with amino acids and vitamins produced by the use of yeast in the process.


  • High and favourable amino acids profile
  • Phytic acid control in our DDGS increases digestibility
  • Contains low moisture and is thus free from all pathogenic fungi, bacteria and salmonella longer shelf life
  • Low anti-nutritional factors
  • Distillery process is free from the use of sulfuric acid, this makes the product inorganic Sulphur free and eliminates chances of nutritional problems in ruminant diets
  • Fermentation contributes. 3-5% dried yeast cells to the DDGS which provides Vitamin B-complex, promote palatability and increase feed consumption
  • The phosphorus present in DDGS lowers the requirement of addition of di calcium phosphate and thus reduces cost of ration in the feed


Nutrition Factor

Parameters Rice DDGS Normal Rice DDGS Hi Pro
Protein % 45-50 50-55
Moisture % (Max) 8-11 8-11
Fat % 4-8 5-9
Fibre % 6-8 6-8
Sand Silica % (Max) 2 2
M Energy (KCal / KG) 3000-3200 3000-3200
Pepsin Digestibility 77-80 77-80
KOH Solubility 77.2 78.1
TDN % 87 88
UDP % 55 57