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Maize Gluten

Maize Gluten

It consists of insoluble protein in combination with minimal quantity of starch and fiber fractions. It has historically been used as an animal feed due to its high protein content, high nutrient density and high energy quotient.

Maize Gluten Meal is an efficiently digestive product having energy value of ME 4131K Cal/KG and hence used widely as poultry meal for Chickens, Broiler, Laying hens etc. It is an excellent source of Vitamins and Minerals, high in methionine and competent source of Xanthophylls

Corn Fibre

It is a waste from Maize pap is a heterogeneous complex of carbohydrate polymers and lignin. It is primarily composed of the outer kernel covering or seed pericarp, along with 10% to 25% adherent starch


Nutrition Factor

Parameters Corn Gluten Meal Corn Fibre
Protein % 60-70 10-15
Moisture % (Max) 10 10
Fat % 4-8 3-6
Sand Silica % (Max) 2 4
M Energy (KCal / KG) 3200 3000
Pepsin Digestibility 85-90 75-80